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with Claudia Ann Reame
Call in line: (818) 332-9684

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To watch the show and chat at the same time, start by selecting Real Player or, for Internet Explorer users, Windows Media Player Dial-Up or Broadband. Next return to this window and click on Chat. Hit the 'Float' button to resize that window. Log in with a name we can pronounce on the air. Then arrange the 'Chat' and 'Media' windows for best viewing.

WEBTALK FOR TODAY is a live Internet talk show, broadcast on Alternative.nu, utilizing the format of the new millennium - streaming audio and video. Guests include actors, comedians, filmmakers, politicians, singers, newsmakers and more.
Predictions are made, songs are sung, jokes are told, movies are streamed and the audience is an interactive part of it all.

Viewers can watch the show using Real Player or Windows Media (if they use IE), they can add to the show by jumping into the Chat Room and they can call in to the show at (818) 332-9684.

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